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Confluence Con"flue*ence, n. [L. confluentia] The act of flowing together; the meeting or junction of two or more streams; the place of meeting. After founding Confluence Ministries in 2003 (an organization that brings together diverse streams of the community to help people reach their full potential), Jude realized that the network of talented musicians who he regularly collaborated with could work together as a collective team, similar to his concept with Confluence Ministries. Since many artists were playing in their own bands and ministries but had a passion to give back to the community in a fresh way, Jude created Confluence Music Group out of the same spirit of Confluence Ministries. Since then, CMG has been intentional about engaging cultures, denominations and generations through their artistic expression.

Our Music

Confluence Music Group’s catalog of creative, uptempo music covers a wide range of genres including Latin, R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop and Pop tunes. Their energetic show recognizes diversity and empowers people of all ages, generations and cultures. They remain a staple in the Colorado music community, playing at annual events such as Taste of Colorado, Race for the Cure and Colfax Marathon as well as places of need like the Denver Rescue Mission, hospitals and immigration detention centers. The reach of this influential group has broadened nationally and internationally with CMG’s musicians performing in Italy, Thailand, Peru, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. These opportunities not only give Confluence the ability to perform their uplifting music, but also to support social justice issues and use music as a tool to bring people together.

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We use our truck to bring a positive message to our communities through outreach and live music. The upgrades will serve to enhance our impact through better sound, better presentation and better reliability as we travel between venues. Here is what we hope to accomplish: • 3 light trees for night time events • Enhanced Sound System & Microphones • Incorporate Electrical System into the Truck • 4 scissor jacks for better stability • Canopy Repair • Extending Stage Front • Confluence Music Group Banner • Confluence Music Group Vehicle Wrap • General Maintenance and Repairs for Truck Donate Now

Some of theArtistsWho Collaborate with Us

Scott Van Loo

Jude Del Hierro

Pastor/Executive Director/Founder Confluence Ministries

Rachel Watson

Experience/ Education: Has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Communication from the University of Arizona. Instruments: Vocalist, keys, guitar Affiliations (church/ministry): Via Church, Confluence Music Bio: Rachel was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She has been singing at outreach events and leading worship in both Spanish and English at various churches throughout the Denver area for the past 3 years. She is currently the worship leader at Via…

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